Saturday, February 20, 2010

D&D and the picaresque

Among the many things Mr. Zak S. does well is Dungeon-Mastering. I played a few games with him when he was in New York last summer, the first time I'd played non-computer D&D since high school. It was excellent: look, we set on fire a minotaur that obviously outclassed our characters, and it fled, shrieking, from its chamber. Electric Wizard was playing. Or maybe Bolt Thrower. It ruled.

Anyway, since October Zak's been blogging at Playing D&D With Porn Stars, recounting his ongoing game in LA and ruminating over game mechanics and design, among other stuff. It's my new favorite blog, rewarding on so many levels that it is totally interrupting the work I am supposed to be getting done right now (sorry).

(goblin, by Zak)

-Here he is on how D&D campaigns, as they unfold, parallel the picaresque, and on how picaresques function in general.

-Here's the sad story of Charles the Pig.

-And here's some things folks have drawn during his games, including a picture of my guy, the late Horst Von Chasm: (toad, poison)

(sorry I only rolled you 1 hit point, Horst)

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Henry said...

Thanks for posting about this, Matt. I spent the better part of my Saturday evening reading through all the posts. In all of my dreams last night I was playing D&D with Zak.