Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Missing Frisbees

New daily drawing at Partyka: Missing Frisbees.
...made in Schuylkill River Park while watching a less-than-ept game of Ultimate.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Your Mom, Teleported

New daily drawing up at Partyka, after Zak's post: Your Mother, Teleported to Afghanistan. It is the Art Of Enthusiasm! Later, or someday, or something: Ghostbusters. Ninjas.

The taliban won't understand your mother's shorts

Zak wrote a thing on his blog and I like it and I'm linking to it.

"Imagine for a minute that your mother is teleported to a Taliban-controlled village in Afghanistan. She’s probably not wearing a veil. She might even be wearing shorts. The Taliban, naturally, will probably be upset. Or maybe not, they might laugh--"Hah, woman! Your attempt to seduce us is laughable!". Either way, though, they'll be mistaken if they think this is a deliberate attempt on your mother's part to provoke or tempt or doing anything to them. This is just what happens when someone is transferred immediately from the orbit of one culture into the orbit of another."

Monday, May 18, 2009

Look Out For The Arm Hole

Okay, new daily drawing up at Partyka: Look Out For The Arm Hole. Other new drawings up behind that one.

Also, I should mention that our guest artist for May is Juliacks, maker of "Swell" and other nice things. Here's "Martha is Dreaming Awake:"

Also, I went to TCAF and had a very nice time, although I'm not sure I did much but marvel at the Toronto Reference Library, eat four cheeseburgers and hang around with our Canadian allies. John took some pictures, which might prove I did something else, if he sends them to me. Who knows. Matt, when you are in another country, remember to do more things and to keep better records.