Monday, December 28, 2009


I'm moving back to Brooklyn in the next two weeks. I'll be glad when it's over and I'm there; right now I'm in the middle of the Boxes and Whirlwind-of-Crap phases of the enterprise. New daily "drawings" are up on Partyka, showing conditions inside the whirlwind.

Mom, Dad: you pack the booze last, so you can power through the last hour of trashing things and stuffing things, and then pass out. How am I going to pass out now?

I got sidetracked by Welcome to the Dahl House when I was supposed to be packing clothes and books, then set it aside at some point, then this happened. Is this the comics equivalent of ass pennies? And if so, does the comics-touching-boxers power advantage me or Gabby? (I am going to guess Gabby, as he is a gentleman with many powers.)

There's a sink in the basement, the by-product of an October I'd mostly rather forget. But soon: Brooklyn! Lots of good stuff that I don't want to jinx by mentioning it and I am terrified of a U-Haul explosion between then and now! See you in the New Year! Hopefully!

Monday, December 14, 2009

MODOK vs. Luchador and Others

I'm up-to-date on daily drawings again. Here's the latest, "MODOK vs. Luchador," done as a commission for a MODOK/Luchador enthusiast:

Some other more recent ones include "Contact Tree..."

...and "Kiss Me I'm Eldritch."

Our Esteemed Guests

Hi; some more folks have been our guests at Partyka while I was asleep at the wheel. Painter/Author/Dungeon Master Zak Smith was here for the month of November; here's his "Crawler 4:"

Now it's December, and Sally Bloodbath of Always Comix and sundry minis has joined us. Here's "Katie Skelly: Catcatcher;"

Thanks, Zak and Sally, for the excellent company, and for having kept the Partyka lighthouse burning while I was in the cellar snarfing down whiskey.