Monday, June 30, 2008


New daily drawing up at Partyka: Treeguy.

A smaller version of this drawing was used in the announcement of's fifth anniversary. I drew Treeguy here with five rings in his trunk as a signifiers of... I don't know, "being five years old," I guess, but this was barely legible at that smaller size. This is what teachers are talking about when they warn you that you're being "too clever-by half."

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Heroes Con I

These fellas were in the upstairs bathroom Saturday at Heroes Con.

This is how you know America has a lot of space left: its citizens still have a reasonable expectation of being able to place an empty stall between each other for their loud restroom conversations. We are a long way from Peak Urinal.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dirty Arcade I

New daily drawing up at Partyka: Dirty Arcade I.

I went to New York for MoCCA a couple of weeks ago, and then I went to Heroes Con in Charlotte last weekend. It was nice; I met up with/met some very nice folks in both places, and despite slow sales and getting yelled at on the street that I looked "queer" for the first time since high school*, I am prepared to say that the trip to Charlotte was 100% worth it. Maybe I'll draw something about it. Or maybe I'll just draw more dirty video game cabinets.

*I mean, I've had other things yelled at me: Seven or eight years ago, some guys informed me from a passing car that I was "a dork." In all fairness to them I was, at the time, dressed like a dork.**

**Plaid green shorts. Grey Yo La Tengo t-shirt with a picture of Mr. Met on it. Black Vans.***

***I like to believe that I have since become an entirely different person.****

****Although I think I still have that t-shirt.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Test the Vehicle

New daily drawing up at Partyka: Test the Vehicle.

Also, the daily drawing backlog's been caught up on.