Friday, July 3, 2009

Head to Head 7/Our Guests

New Daily Drawing up at Partyka: Head to Head 7. honor in Independence Day, this is a drawing of what democracy looks like just before it is eaten by a whale. For extra credit, name the type of government that would have been depicted if the whale were about to eat a group of clerics who claimed to be ruling according to the principles of a particular ideology or deity.

Also, it's now July, which means Isaac Cates and Mike Wenthe's time with us has reached its end. Big thanks again to both of them for being our guests. Let's wave goodbye with an encore of "Faculty Meeting:"

With us for the next month is Chadwick Whitehead. Here's "Speed," in which no one can stop a man-cheetah from exhaling modern transportation:

Thank-yous also to Mr. Whitehead; we're glad to have you on board. You make me wish I could breathe planes.

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