Monday, June 29, 2009

We sat at a table for a while

...So the Brooklyn Zinefest was a good thing. Thanks to everyone who came by to say hi to and buy stuff from John and me, and to the organizers, and to Six Point Crafts Ales for being a sponsor and selling cups of themselves at the front of the room, which helped a slow section of Saturday afternoon pass more quickly. Hurray!
...uh, oh, yeah, also DUB pies, another sponsor, are awesome. I used to get them all the time for lunch when I worked here and DUB was right around the corner. I regret I am unable to report on the crisp, refreshing taste of Minuteman Press or the compact meaty goodness of the Brooklyn Creative League.

(picture from BK Lyceum's flickr stream)


Isaac said...

What are your impressions of the Brooklyn Zine Fest vs. / vis-a-vis MoCCA? Which one was funner? Which one was better business? Which one had better air conditioning?

matt w said...

I wouldn't miss MoCCA for the Zine Fest, but I liked it a lot. In my case, I sold about 60% of the amount I did at MoCCA, but the table cost less than a third as much, so I made out pretty well. Shawn C. sold maybe 15-20% of what he did at MoCCA, but he was in Colorado this weekend and had a limited inventory at the table. John didn't keep a record of his sales, but he seemed to do okay.

Zine Fest had a pretty good draw, it looked like, for a first-year event, and it drew from a broader base than just comics. About half the folks who mentioned seeing our stuff before had seen us at MoCCA, but the other half mentioned the NY Independent Book Fair, which happens in December in midtown.

It was definitely more comfy than the Armory. The air conditioners weren't on, I don't think, but the room is smaller and partially underground, so it stayed pretty cool. Also, there was beer for sale inside the room, I think I mentioned. SPX should maybe put that in the fountain this year, instead of chocolate. Or gin.