Monday, April 20, 2009

I felt like drawing a Ghostbuster, ok.

New daily drawings up at Partyka, again. Here's one:
By the way, Joey Weiser continues being a lovely guest at the House of Partyka. Here is his bad-ass Mothra-As-Snoopy (click to enlarge, because you can't see the extremely pleasant half-tone effect at this smaller size.):

I've had "Koyaanisqatsi" running in a hidden tab on my browser while I've been doing image-and-site-editing for the past hour, because it's up for free on Youtube and I thought "hey, a repetitive Philip Glass score will be enjoyable during repetitive grunt work," but it's mostly been irritating. I guess it's kind of fun to guess whether each slight change in the looping music and the monks-in-space vocals signifies a slow-motion shot of, like, nature or of dudes smelting things, but on the whole it has been way less rewarding than the time I folded my laundry to it five years ago. I am probably not approaching the work in the correct spirit.


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Henry said...

Please do a daily ghost and/or ghost-buster drawing. Thank you.