Thursday, October 9, 2008

They Fought A Running Engagement/Midnight In The Empire

I'm in an art show at Fredericks Freiser Gallery in NYC that's opening this weekend. It has a guy's head blowing up in it:
The gallery's got two rooms: in the front will be "Midnight in the Empire," Zak Smith's solo show. Then, in the back, there'll be a show of collaborative drawing projects, which I'm in, and where you'll be able to see that guy's head explode in all its 11"x14" glory. Anyway, here's some text and images from Partyka explaining it:

" Come see what Zak Smith has been up to in the City of Angels – his solo show Midnight in the Empire opens October 10. As a bonus, two ongoing collaborative projects will be unveiled:

On the Road of Knives...
The "battle blog" wherein Zak Smith, Shawn Cheng, and Nicholas Di Genova take turns drawing monsters fighting each other.

Six Versions of Blood Meridian
The heretofore "secret project" taking the one-picture-for-each-page treatment to Cormac McCarthy's violent masterpiece. Features Zak Smith, Sean McCarthy, John Mejias, Craig Taylor, Shawn Cheng, and Matt Wiegle.

Opening Reception
Friday, October 10, 6–8pm
See you there!"

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Isaac said...

DANG. I wish I could be there to see that.