Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Some more comics

I've added a few more comics to the site; these are from the first issue of Sean McCarthy's minicomic anthology See How Pretty, See How Smart.

This, I think, is the first stuff I drew after Partyka started up. It might actually predate Partyka's semi-official "start" in April '03.

So here are "Your Career is Not Working Out Like What You Had Planned" and "A Story." I'm not sure if it's apparent from reading them, but Sean asked for comics on a specific theme for each issue of
SHPSHS; the theme for the first issue was "failure."

(the theme for issue #4 was "Scatology and Eschatology," which is why there's all the farting and doom in "The Omega Dome" and "Some Say the World Will End in Fire, Some Say in Ice."
I forget the theme of #3, but if it was "Hybrids," then boy was I on-the-nose that time around.)

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