Friday, June 25, 2010

Scared Cowboy

I have a new daily drawing up at Partyka. Here's "Scared Cowboy:"
Also, Mr. Shawn Cheng has made a dramatic recovery from the food coma he was in (it takes him three months to digest a hamburger), and has caught up with his daily drawings! Here's "Batman vs. Bird:"
Now I'm going to bike over to the studio, work on inking my Lord of the Flies illustrations, and think about whether I should buy a Cintiq drawing tablet. Opinions welcome; will be met with chin-scratching and a squint that indicates I am digesting your input.


Greg said...

I've never used a Cintiq tablet either but I'm eager to give it a try. I wish there was somewhere I could go for a test drive.

matt w said...

Does Portland have an independent Apple dealer like Tekserve in Manahattan? That was where I got to try one out.

Reuxben said...

In case you haven't decided yet, for what it's worth, I talked to some of the artists from the Flight anthology at SD Comic Con and the consensus is that Cintiqs are life-changing and they make you question ever using paper again. I don't think I've ever heard anyone regret getting one.