Thursday, February 5, 2009

Knife Salesman/I Went To A Puppet Show

New daily drawings up at Partyka, including today's, Knife Salesman.

In other news, I went up to Brooklyn two weeks ago for the Paping Puppet Show at Desert Island. John hauled the pieces of his puppet theater down from the Bronx in a mind-bendingly small sedan, and then Sean, Adrienne and I helped assemble the thing.

Here are John and Sean talking about how to make the thing stand up. Adrienne's hand is visible at left.

Here is John performing the actual labor required to make a puppet theater stand up. By the way, when I say I "helped," I actually mean "Gabe let me eat a burrito in his store." Thanks, Gabe!

(this image taken from

Following is a picture of the theater as assembled. Most of the action takes place against the backdrop at the very top, with title cards and some supplemental puppeting happening in those recessed square bits on the front face. It's three acts performed to prerecorded narration, music and effects; it's all sorts of charming.

Here's the population of the shop after the show ended. You can see they've been charmed.

Sean and Shawn talking to Peter, the source for the story behind the show's second act:

In the proud Partyka tradition of fucking-around-ery, here's me taking a picture of a mugging Mr. Cheng while Mr. McCarthy tries to cram all the puppet show bits back into John's car.

After the show ended, we ate at the renovated Kellogg's Diner, which wasn't half bad. We also got into a digital camera duel with Roger, who was sitting a few booths down. This is a picture of him taking a picture of us:

Good times. Then I got onto a bus for two hours.

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