Monday, October 20, 2008

It Am Your Father's Club-On-Fire

New daily drawing up at Partyka: It Am Your Father's Club-On-Fire.


Isaac said...

When that club starts to speak, we'll all listen.

Henry said...

Hey cool! Back in the day, I did a cartoon based on the Club-On-Fire myself!

Scroll to bottom of this page:

Might Age-Old Quarrels

Indulge me a quote:
"Although a precursor to the modern-day torch, the burning club was never employed to illuminate darkness... it was Cavebeard [who had] the ingenuity to first think to set [a club] aflame... For when a club was on fire, Cavebeard could not just hit things with it, but also burn things with it. This was a major breakthrough, and humanity has been forever beholden... Cavebeard, ever the innovator, did try his whole life to perfect what he called the "burning wheel", but to no avail - wheels at that time being typically carved of stone, an incombustible material."

I think you did the gag better than I did. Kudos!