Sunday, October 7, 2007

SPX 07

I'm going to be at SPX this next weekend, October 12th and 13th. I'll be sharing table G6 with Shawn Cheng, Sara Edward-Corbett and (hopefully, if he and his wife and child can make it) John Mejias of Paping.

Here's how to find us: if you are facing Drawn and Quarterly's booth, your butt will be facing the people who are next to us.

One of my minicomics was nominated for an Ignatz award. This is what it looks like:
One of Shawn and Sara's books is up for the same Ignatz. It looks like this:

In summary, things that are grey and have animals on them are up for awards. Please drop by and look at them.

Also: Shawn and I have short stories in the FLUKE 2007 anthology. This should be available from the Weing/Davis/Weiser/Yoder compound at table D10-12A. They're nice, you'll like them.

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